Combating Workplace Stress and Fatigue Through Diet, Exercise and Meditation

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Ever feel like your body is on constant “fight or flight” mode? With our culture of technology overload, road rage and over scheduled and double booked lives it is no wonder our bodies are feeling run down, burnt out and just plain tired.

Essentially what you deal with on a daily basis is a symptom called adrenal burn out. Is it severe? That depends. Is it chronic? More often, yes. From the time your alarm wakes you up to the nightly commute back to your home; your body is internalizing its surroundings and produces adrenaline to combat the stressors you are faced with daily.

Our world now does not allow us nor does it have time for us to slow down and relax from a very stressful situation. You body is registered to read that deadline or sales pitch as a threat to your survival and releases hormones for you to either run or fight.

So now what? How can you combat the high level of Adrenaline that pumps through your body?

There are a lot of great supplements and tonics that are effective at decreasing these levels as well as target and strengthen the endocrine system (the glands most impacted by your stress).

What you need are adaptogens in your daily diet/supplement regime.

To stay healthy, slender, happy, energized and stress-free here are a few exercises, food choices, supplements, tonics and teas I use daily. These items help my body cool down from all these stressful, adrenaline releasing events:

5 minute DEEP Yoga breaths–breathing in (through the nose) for 7 counts and exhail for 10 counts.

Turkey, cheese, chocolate and bananas are great items to consume for lunch and dinner. Tryptophan helps increase your seratonin levels (your happy hormones)is produced from these products and serve as a release to the anxiety and stress you are dealing with daily.

Siberian Ginseng


Sport Tea

Adrenal Support Tonic (Elethuro, Licorice Root, oat “milky” seed, Sarsparilla root, Prickly Ash Bark)

Within a 4 days you will be feeling the effects of boosting and feeding your adrenals. Treat them right and they will inturn keep you healthy, youthful and less stressed.

Source by Melissa Gallagher

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