Parkinson's disease

Exercise to Fight Parkinson’s Symptoms

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Exercise is an important part of daily life for everyone who wants to stay fit and healthy, but for people with Parkinson’s disease, it’s about more than just staying healthy. For them, exercise can improve vital aspects of daily living like mobility and maintaining balance.

Why is exercise good for people with PD?

Exercise may help to improve balance, coordination, grip strength, and tremors for those with PD. The Parkinson’s Foundation say there’s growing evidence of the short and long-term benefits of exercise for people with PD.

A study, known as the Parkinson’s Outcomes Project, by the same organization, found that people with PD who exercised for at least 2.5 hours a week experienced a slower decline in their mobility and quality of life than others.

Exercise not only helps the physical aspects of PD, but the mental ones as well. It has been shown to help relieve symptoms of fatigue, mood, sleep problems, and mental health. The Jewish Home offers group exercise classes for Parkinson’s disease patients led by Debbie Grossman at the JCC in Kingston twice a week.

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