How to Multitask as Nurse’s Aide

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What is Multitasking?

At some settings, nursing assistants are expected to take care of more than six patients in each shift. This is where your multitasking skills come in handy. Basically, multitasking is a talent to organize and execute two different types of tasks all at one time. For example, a person may take a dictation from his/her boss and the same time handle a client’s phone.

Yes! It is a Skill

There are no findings that nurses are provided with training on multitasking during the training classes. Accomplishing different tasks at one go is difficult. It totally depends on your mental and physical capacity to react to different things with equal control and panache. You will accumulate these skills as you spend some time in your occupation.

However, trying to finish two different types of works concurrently may slow you down. It will also restrict your brain to act to its fullest since you are trying to hit two birds with one stone. You will be more in stress and become exhausted very soon. Above all, it will lead to frustration if the outcome is not as expected.

Nevertheless, as a nurse aide, you are expected to multitask in order to fill the void created by the short-staffed syndrome. There are many monotonous routines you have to perform regularly. Your skills are directly related to the coaching you received and the efforts you have put in.

How to Multitask

The best way to multitask is to improve your thinking skills. Since you are aware of the patients’ conditions under your care, make a chart of things you need to do in your shift. If IV fluids have to be administered to two of your patients, make sure you inform the supply department at the start of your shift. Since taking vital signs are the regular practice, finish this work first. As soon as the IV bottles arrive, do the necessary. Then, shift to the basic needs of patients. If any patient needs to be taken to the bathroom, help her. If the patient can manage to take a bath on her own, turn towards other patients who needs this service. While both the patients are having their baths, check which patient needs to be given medication. Read the patient’s file and do as suggested. Then if a patient needs to be shifted onto her other side, do it gently. After that, you can manage with the grooming part of those patients having finished their bath.

All these types of activities will test your endurance level to the extreme. How better you can manage it will rest on how efficiently, and patiently you handle them ( read more ). Again, time and experience will teach you how to multitask as a nursing assistant.


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