Medical Alert System For Senior

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A medical alert system is a personal emergency response system providing fast response to patients who face life threatening events. It is a small, lightweight, water-proof device activated simply by pressing a button. This portable device is usually worn around the neck or on a wristband.

A medical alert system is a simple health monitoring device ideal for seniors who live alone, or are suffering from heart-related ailments and chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and osteoporosis. It utilizes the latest information technology and provides care in assisted living facilities. Some of the features of a medical alert system are automatic voice to voice communication, remote call answering, adjustable volume controls, and monthly test call reminders.

A typical alert device includes an amplified speaker, extra sensitive microphone, a large button, and wristband. It is designed to work from anywhere in or around the subscriber’s home. The powerful speaker system and sensitive microphone work simultaneously for the subscriber to communicate with the monitoring center. When the alert button is pushed, it sends signals over the telephone line to the 24-hour medical alert monitoring center. Then, it opens a voice to voice channel between the subscriber and a highly trained person, ready to provide quick assistance. The centre dispatches local medical personnel, ambulance, police, fire or other services as needed.

A fall sensor, available with any medical alert machine, is specially designed to recognize falling or other similar accidents. Whenever a fall occurs, it automatically informs the alert machine and the monitoring center. The alert machine is also equipped with a power back-up facility, and automatically notifies the medical center if the battery needs replacement. A built-in rechargeable battery operates up to 24 hours during power failure. Medical alert devices are available for use outdoors and while traveling.


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