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It is my experience that Retired / Senior Citizens and Virtual Assistants greatly benefit from each other. Many Retired / Senior Citizens continue to have some kind of business and need help with many tasks.

Senior Citizens that continue to have businesses after retirement need administrative or secretarial assistance from time to time, some may even need it on a regular basis. Many retired men and women continue to have businesses that they used to run when they were working full time and that now only run on a part time bases, others need administrative services to continue managing their financial affairs; Many others, after the death of their spouse, find themselves managing businesses not known to them with the additional stress of having to perform administrative tasks even more unknown and ever changing with modern technology. Most Retired/Senior Citizens don’t need a full time assistant like they did when they were working full time, but they need assistance. Just a decade ago most business people had a full time assistant and that is how they are most comfortably working.

This is the perfect client for a Virtual Assistant. They need business assistance part time, just what Virtual Assistants provide. Most are very knowledgeable and only need help with typing while others need much more assistance, but at the end, if the Virtual Assistant provides good service; the relationship Virtual Assistant & Retired/Senior Citizen can be not only a perfect combination but also a powerful one.

I have many Retired / Senior Citizens as clients. Many of these clients started as local clients and with the proper guidance on my part and with a lot of enthusiasm on their part, they became virtual clients. Many fax or e-mail their letters to be typed, others have their business e-mails and faxes sent directly to me and I have specific instructions on how to redirect or process them. Many personally drop their work but others are glad to be able to send it online.

There are thousands and thousands of Retired/Senior Citizens requiring assistance that is why I call it THE HIDDEN NICHE; as potential clients they are many times overlooked but don’t forget that people over 65 represent 7% of the world population and by the middle of this century they will be 15% of the world population.

My advise for all Virtual Assistants: Cater to the Retired / Senior Citizens

My advise for the Retired / Senior Citizens: Find yourselves a Virtual Assistant that can help you with administrative work on a part time bases.

Carolina Barreneche

Virtual Assistant


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