When You Have to Read Faster Than Normal, 17 Tips

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Here are seventeen systems, methods, approaches.

System One. The easiest and less painful way to read faster is to think that way and act accordingly with actually pushing yourself to read faster. Just run your eyes a little faster across the page every time that you pick up a book, magazine or publication. It works well when you are standing in line at the grocery store, waiting at the doctor’s or dentist’s office.

System Two. Watch movies and short films with subtitles and try to read the lines. It will seem difficult at first, but it is an exercise that will pull you a little faster along when you do pick up a publication to read. If anything it will make you a little uncomfortable about reading. That might be a good thing. Give those brain cells a little workout is good.

System Three. One of my favorites is to get an audio book and follow along as the narrator reads aloud the work. This has a dual effect. You see the words and then you hear them. But it goes a little bit further with sound effects and increase in reading speed. You cannot help yourself in reading a little faster. The best part is when you put the book down for a little while and come back to the book, only to start from the beginning. You will find yourself reading a little bit faster. You are going over the same material, but what goes on with the special effects is amazing. Ones whole mental attitude changes for the best. You will never be the same after experiencing audio books. The more time spent in this arena, the better.

System Four. Of course, you can always purchase a rapid or speed reading program that stirs you along at several different paces. I find that system a little dubious and a little unnerving because every time that I used it, I seemed to revert back to my old way of reading. I think of being forced and that changes my morale. This happens even though I know I am supposed to be reading much faster.

System Five. One of the hottest methods today is mental photography. That is where the active participant reads at the reading rate of 25,000wpm at a minimum. It is wonderful when you apply the exercises that come after. Those after exercises hit a home run.

System Six. There is another system called the Alfred Porter’s Perusal Strategy. This system is totally much faster than mental photography and has follow up exercises that shows instant results. It makes you a believer. It uses and cross references several different test models and exercises like mind mapping, multiple intelligences, preferred learning styles, affirmations, and some ancient and non-traditional methods. When one finishes that program you feel as though your comprehension has improved tremendously.

System Seven. Photo-reading is another powerful system and has similar results to mental photography. They are like brother and sister programs.

System Eight. One can apply the old rapid and speed reading techniques. They have a place in reading today; however, it is primarily used when covering material that has already been gone over. In that way, rapid and speed reading is superb. Most students use rapid and speed reading when preparing for exams and quizzes. They rarely use them when reading normally. Also many professionals, or anyone trying to get ready for a presentation or for a fast review usually lean on these approaches.

System Nine. You might find conducting reading sessions after taking energy drinks, coffee, or super vitamins may also increase your reading speed and comprehension.

System Ten. Try to read when you are not very tired and try to read interesting material. That will also spirit you through old or new material.

System Eleven. If you absolutely hate reading, watch videos clips or movies before. Later read the book. Today, they have on hand the script of the movie in book form. That also may help in preparing you for the material.

System Twelve. “Masterplots” is an excellent way to review a classical work. They may also have modern works available. With “master plots” or “quick notes” you can get a very good summary and if you add a lot of visualization you will find yourself enjoying the chosen work.

System Thirteen. Bribe yourself into reading, if it is so boring for you.

System Fourteen. Read the material you have to read out loud, and record it as well. This would be an excellent practice if you have to review the material.

System Fifteen. Seek out recordings already made on the material or in your field of choice.

System Sixteen. Learn so much of your field of interest that whenever you read or hear something in your field you will be have a new found energy and reading comprehension. You will read faster when you are more knowledgeable. Just think of a medical doctor reading a basic book on health and science. How fast do you think he or she might read through the material?

System Seventeen. Have someone summarize and record your reading material, so that you can listen to it as many times as possible.

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Source by Alfred Porter

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